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iPhone App that helps you Manage your Finances on the Move

Budget, in general terms, helps you plan coque turquie samsung j3 2017 expenses by making you more aware of your saving and spending patterns. iXpenseIt does that and more with its latest 2.4.1 available in the App Store.

Well, the world economy isn’t still back on its feet, and it’s less likely that it will be, by the time I finish my review.

I am going to cover the paid version of the iPhone app in this article. The idea behind creating iXpenseIt is fairly simple. It is supposed to help you track your expenses as you go.

So I samsung a50 coque paillettes was looking for an iPhone app which would make it easier to maintain and update my budget while I am on the move. And among all the other iPhone apps under this category, I found iXpenseIt most appealing.

The biggest advantage I found was that it offered me complete mobility. Now, I coque samsung j5 can spend my money and at coque samsung a40 bois the coque samsung j3 2016 swag silicone same time enter those expenses with just a few taps. was difficult to recall and note them. wanted to be able to add expenses I have been using this app for over four months and by now I have coque disney j3 2016 samsung a comprehensive list of options that I have been adding under ‘category’ and ‘subcategory’ wanted to be able to export the data this is especially for my business expenses wherein I can attach receipts and stuff.

This application does more than that, and with their constant upgrades, they do seem to samsung j3 coque 2017 dessin add useful features.Objective of the App:The objective is to make it easier for coque samsung a50 2019 marbre us to record our expenses and make us more aware of our coque samsung j5 2017 jaune expense trend. Well, the iPhone app is fairly popular, and the current credit crunch might have a hand in that.Budget:

When you start, could choose a budget’ (an umbrella amount for monthly expenses) or ‘detail budget’ (setting specific amount to each category) or even add a budget’ option, which allows you to set up multiple budgets with the ability to rollover.

Setting a budget amount is optional, use a simple monthly budget of $10,000. (just kidding). put 15% of my salary as the budget and then always end up extending it.The usage as and when you incur cost, you open this app, select coque samsung j3 6 stitch and enter required values, and it gives you the average expense, the balance etc

The application allows the user to select Personal or Business expenses. On a day to day basis, I put my expenses under in the next months while I am traveling, I will be coque iphone 11 putting the expenses under the expenses category.Selection of expensesThe idea is coque samsung a8 to be able to store, manage and track coque samsung j3 2017 payet your personal expenses. With each expense, coque samsung a10 the user is asked to select or fill a basic form. the Amount spent (has currency conversion option) the expense type Personal or Business (can be set default) Category there are many such as Food, Auto, Electronics, Household, Transportation etc to choose from. You can also add more categories. Subcategory based on the category selected, you get more options.

Example: If you have selected the Category as then for the Sub category, you will coque samsung a40 fila get the following options: Beverages, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. also add more sub categories.

Select the Mode of Payment cash, cards etc. I have set it to cash for personal and credit card for business expenses. Vendor it is the name of the shop, restraunt etc where you incurred the expense.

Example: I have added close to 10 vendors such as coque samsung a40 Mac, KFC, my super market, Star coque samsung j3 3017 Bucks etc

Enter this is just so you can add any optional comment.

Example: When I select ‘Beverages’ under the Subcategory, I add a ‘note’ that states if it was coffee, beer, vodka etc.

Displays the expense Summary of total, the average expense per day and the top expense of the month. recurring expenses such as monthly rent, mortgage, utility bills, etc to be added. digital photo receipts although a zoom facility would be nice. VAT/GST. user to icons for categories and subcategories. the user to customize Expense Type, Payment and Vendor. CSV and HTML data coque samsung a20e en silicone disney export via Email or via Wi Fi, I loved this feature. This has made reporting my business expenses very simple as I just need to add the amount and upload the receipt.

It has Complete world currency list with build in currency conversion utility. is available in 12 Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Chinese (Simplified Traditional), French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Finnish, Dutch, Danish. simple mileage / kilometer tracking with customizable reimbursement rate. has coque samsung j3 bmw Protection well, I have a password for my iPhone, which is the only protection I use. I am sure it’s a nice feature just that I haven’t felt the need to use it. to easily delete the options, by your finger across the screen and clicking ‘delete’. to set repetitive expenses such as rent, mortgage etc option to ‘backup’ all your expenses (under ‘Settings’). I found this quite useful as I prefer backing up all my data for rainy day.

TIP: There is an option using which you can see the amount of money spent on particular can be done by simply clicking on the ‘Report’ icon at the bottom tray and by selecting the option ‘Vendors’ under ‘Display by’. If you know that you’ve spent a good amount eating or shopping there, then you could ask for a discount (lol, I am yet to try it

Issues with the app:I been coque samsung a70 incassable reading a lot of users complaining about crashes, and I am no exception. For example, it crashed while I was trying to use the Wi Fi option to export my expense sheet to my computer or any music in the background while to send the file using the email option or even when trying to back up my expenses.

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